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The name of the organization is “Chevron Foundation”. Its focus is on rural and grassroots communities and works as a trust in all Pakistan and particularly in rural areas of the Punjab province it acts locally and thinks globally. Its objectives reflect the fundamental principles of modern scientific education as well as Islamic to achieve the Pakistan’s current commitments to global development goals (GDG), Millennium Developmental Goals (MDG) and conventions. The Vision, Goals and objectives of Chevron Foundation were shaped through a strategic planning process Chevron Foundation was originally conceived as an 'open door ' to meet the Information and Communication, Training and Capacity Building and Networking and sharing needs of local communities, groups and community-based organizations that are keen to undertake sustainable development initiatives. The foundation is self-financed organization, established purely to uplift and enhance education and literacy in Pakistan. Chevron Foundation now planning to establish boarding schools, Dastkari schools and old homes in suburban areas of Lahore and also deferent areas of Punjab. In the area of health Chevron Foundation is providing medical facilities to the needy patients through various projects. Mr. Hafiz Tayyab Mahmood is the Chief Executive of the Chevron Foundation in Pakistan. The Foundation would like to introduce itself to you that we are operating another organization named CHEVRON INTERNATIONAL. This organization was established in 1995. During this period, The Foundation have sent a large number of students to foreign universities and colleges in different courses from Pakistan. We have our head office at Lahore (Pakistan). We are representative of many foreign colleges and universities where we send many students for education. Chevron International is the oldest organization in Pakistan and we have 14 years experience of education consultancy and recently we have also started giving services for immigration Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Foundation will also open its branches through-out Pakistan on self-help basis. Chevron Foundation has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Today, the organization is planning to open sub offices in many areas of Punjab like Sahiwal, Faisalabad, Muredke and Kamoke. Following are a current description of the organization as well as a chronological listing of its history. Chevron Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization with many years of direct experience working with and for educators and policymakers to transform education systems and student learning. Our vision is an education system that works for all learners, and our mission is to deliver the knowledge, strategies, and results to help educators make research-based decisions that produce sustained improvement. We have experience for the work we do:
• Designing and conducting client-centered trainings.
• Delivering high-quality professional services directly to our clients.
• Conducting rigorous and relevant educational trainings.
• Helping to deserving and disabled women and children.
Our work consistently builds the capacity of our clients to be good consumers, practitioners, and advocates for educational excellence. Our goal is to be client centered, responsive to needs, sensitive to constraints, and driven to high-quality results. Chevron Foundation is ready to manage a work ranging from direct consulting assignments to major federal contracts and grants. The national reputation of Chevron Foundation is built on a solid foundation of developing and delivering tools, services, and resources that are targeted at current and pressing education issues and challenges. Schools, districts, government departments of education, education department officers, executives and senior officials consistently call upon Chevron Foundation as a trusted source for conducting training programs. Key to our success is the ability to collaborate productively with other organizations as we seek to forge strategic alliances for added value and efficiency. We link and convene agencies and organizations, allowing clients and partners to become networked in ways that pool talents, maximize resources, and support continuous improvement. Internally, Learning Point Associates has established systems of communication, integration, risk management, and coherence that allow for the effective and efficient management of complex projects of varying scopes.


Chevron Foundation was built by a core team of committed Executive Committee members and staff members who collectively have extensive experience in Education, rural and social development and health areas in Pakistan. Most of the founding staff worked voluntarily or in a semi-voluntary capacity. Their common commitment was to create a local organization that would provide the information, linkages, visits, training; technical and morale.

Vocational Training Medical Treatement Teaching
CHEVRON FOUNDATION is a charitable organisation which was founded in 1999. Our goal is to provide quality marketable education, vocational training and medical facilities to poor and deserving people of Pakistan. We also provide rehabilitation services in desasters. We view our work as nation building. By empowering our children & women with a solid education, we hope to make them better, more productive members of society. With your help and support in our good cause we can even impact national literacy figures.

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